Belfast Printmakers


Belfast Print Workshop

The Belfast Print Workshop is a purpose built studio with year-round access for over 80 artists in the city centre, promoting printmaking techniques through atelier values, with established charitable status since 1977. We provide high quality printmaking facilities for a range of media utilised through an ambitious year-round programme of opportunities and training for artists and members of the public. Our artistic vision strongly asserts a commitment to facilitating the production and exhibition of high quality art and events, and prioritises the provision of professional training and opportunities to strengthen membership artists and participants; developing high quality practicing artists and providing high quality facilitating artists and ambassadors, ensuring the future of printmaking in Belfast and beyond.

We are passionate and committed to facilitating the production of high calibre artworks to promote the meaningful contribution that printmaking can make to the visual arts, and we continue to promote artistic intelligence, encourage exploration and inspire creativity.  Our commitment to the atelier tradition ensures the exchange of key knowledge and combined renewal in artistic practice, and a collective effort that is represented by what we create and how we use it to engage with our audiences.  Through this method our studio artists and staff determine to offer a generous service that is rooted in practical and relevant knowledge, and share a common goal to raise the status of our art-form, which in itself offers a continuous reflection of our lived environment.