Helen Lavery

Helen Lavery

Artist: Helen Lavery

Title: Memento

Medium: Stone Lithography

Print Workshop: Belfast Print Workshop


Artist Biography

Helen Lavery has been acknowledged with numerous awards for her printmaking practice, receiving the John and Rachel Turner Prize for Excellence, as well as the Hamilton Architects Prize from the Royal Ulster Academy. Her work can be found in both Public and Private collections, including NIVAL, University College Dublin, and Queen’s University. Her research practice includes the use of traditional print methods in animation, as well as 18th century methods for glazing sculptural ceramic forms, and she has written technical pieces for periodicals including ‘Printmaking Today.’ She is an active and dedicated ambassador for several arts organisations, including the Belfast Print Workshop, and exhibits extensively both nationally and internationally.


Artist Statement

My practice is noted for its use of direct drawing, printmaking techniques and hybrid methods, as well as the search for new methods of display and public interaction. I have deliberately focused on printmaking practices informed by direct drawing techniques for the creation of ‘the multiple’ to reference a traditional working method. I aim to create exhibitions that interact with visitors, often taking the form of installations that feature figures and whimsical texts. I deconstruct classical standards of observation and narrative, making use of myths that are part of our culture. I collect symbols, and as my practice readily incorporates new media, I am able to feed recurring motifs in to a variety of book-arts and sculpture.


Website: http://helenlavery.co.uk/