Janine Davidson

Janine Davidson

Artist: Janine Davidson

Title: The Ulster problem

Medium: Photo Intaglio

Print Workshop: Black Church Print Studio

Artist Statement

I am a multi-disciplinary artist with the basis of my art practice being grounded in the traditions of printmaking but constantly seeking to incorporate new media. My practice employs various mediums including sculpture, installation, video and printmaking. Having recently completed a research Masters on the archaeology of optical devices, my interests focus on visual perception, its fluidity and the construction of images.

Re-imagining history is currently a dominant theme in contemporary visual art discourse.

My work considers re-presenting, subverting or challenging previous events excavating new ideas from the past and offering new ways of looking at what has gone before. I am interested in the intimate personal experience and where that is positioned within a shared space.

Through the use of simple quotidian materials which create both obstructions and apertures. I explore the manifestation of convergence through the projection and distortion of imagery to present a different view.  Altered, they transcend their known materiality going beyond surface value. The works I create attempt to cast possible projections back onto the viewer. My work is a transformative process that forms connections between the visible and invisible, the erasure and disclosure, the familiar and the unknown.

Artist Biography

Janine Davidson is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Dublin.  Having recently completed a Masters researching the archaeology of optical devices, Davidson’s visual concerns are perception, its fluidity and the construction of images.

Davidson was recently awarded the Travel and Training award from the Arts Council of Ireland. Forthcoming  exhbitions, Rosebud, The Library Project, Temple Bar, January, 2016.Exhibitions in 2015 include, ‘Anti-room’, a 3-person show, curated by Dr Hilary Murray,  Artbox, Foley St, Dublin, Vue Contemporary Art Fair, RHA, Halftone Print Fair, The Library Project Temple Bar, RHA 185th Annual Exhibition, Selected, RHA, Ely Place, Dublin. ‘The Starry Messenger’, curated by Declan Sheehan, Experimental Film Club, IFI, Dublin. In 2014 Davidson completed an Art, Architecture and Politics workshop at the Fundacion Botin, directed by Carlos Garaicoa in Northern Spain. Exhibitions included ‘A Fiction in Reality’, Villa Iris, Santander, Spain, ‘The Starry Messenger’, curated by Declan Sheehan, Void Gallery, Derry, ‘The way we live now and then’ curated by Mary Conlon, ‘-Battery+’, Tullamore Arts Centre, Offaly invited by Brendan Fox, ‘Ile Seguin’, The Library Project, Dublin curated by Valerie Connor, ‘Underline’ at Occupy Space, Limerick and ‘Penumbra’ at Tactic, Cork in 2014. In 2013 she completed residencies at the Firestation Artists Studios, Dublin, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Digital Arts Studios, Belfast and Belfast Exposed. Previous residencies have included Johannesburg and Nice. Recent shows include ‘Action all Areas’, IMMA, Dublin, ‘Fabric’ at Platform Arts, Belfast. Davidson’s work has been exhibited in Hong Kong, Johannesburg, New York, Nice, Stockholm and extensively throughout Ireland.