Leo Boyd

Leo Boyd

Artist: Leo Boyd

Title: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to invent it

Medium: Silkscreen Print


Artist’s Statement 

My work is a synthesis of different forms of image making; from screen printing to painting and collage. I work by cutting up and layering these different forms, usually starting with abstract layers of paint and collage which are then sharpened with more figurative screen printed layers. Having trained as a painter, screen printing to me is not simply a means of image reproduction but rather a form of mark making.

Essentially the images I create are stories, much like isolated panels from a comic strip or propaganda posters from a parallel universe. Using collage and cut up techniques I create images of social commentary that reflect, often with a heavy dose of humour, on the world we live in.

Storytelling has always fascinated me by the way that one can construct an entire world with just a few raw elements. We live in a image-centric society where day in day out we are bombarded with visual stories, from advertising to TV and the internet, that are outside of ourselves and seemingly outside of our control.

In order to challenge this hierarchy of the spectacle I think it is important to co-opt these stories and to pick apart their raw elements in order to build new stories, stories that we ourselves control.

In a sense when I make images I am creating propaganda pieces for a world that does not yet, or does not quite exist.